We invest our clients’ and our own capital to deliver strong returns from private upstream oil and gas investments.

Giant provides growth capital to upstream oil and gas operators.  We conduct deep technical and commercial due diligence to determine a fair valuation.  Then we work with management to determine how much capital is needed and how that capital should be used.

Growth capital can be used to acquire assets but is usually used to appraise and develop existing assets.  Giant executives stay involved our investee companies; we typically take active board positions and tend to provide significant ongoing value to management

Our Investment Principles

  1. Invest at core value
    • Don’t pay for future potential success
    • Invest only at true current value of quantified reserves
    • Use sustainable commodity price and cost assumptions
  2. Do technical work ourselves
    • Don’t rely on 3rd party reports
    • Gives comparable and consistent view of different opportunities
  3. Exploit what others missed
    • Exploitation of missed pay
    • Use our technical insight
    • Encourage use of new technology in redevelopment opportunities
  4. Work with top management teams only
    • Experienced and previously successful
    • History of minimizing costs; capital is precious and must be spent wisely
    • Know their basin
  5. Take strong minority or control positions
    1. Board seats
    2. Active engagement with mgmt
  6. Build an optimal portfolio
    • Focus on development and appraisal
    • Exploration ok but only as part of broader portfolio
  7. Understand the exit
    • Deal structure and alignment of incentives with management
    • Aim to realize our investment at time of our choosing

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